Promoting a Blog Through Social Media is Like Making Friends on the Playground

Social Media - (photo courtesy of

Social Media – (photo courtesy of

1. What is social media marketing? Like it says, it’s marketing through social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and more.  Technically speaking, it is a form of online marketing that achieves marketing and branding goals. It primarily covers social sharing of content, videos, and images for marketing purposes. For example, sharing blog content to increase awareness, spread knowledge or change the audiences behavior would be social media marketing.

2. How can social media marketing help my blog? Social media marketing can help your blog in a variety of ways. It can increase traffic to your blog which has multiple perks. This can spark the necessary social sharing needed to achieve marketing goals.

3. How often should I post on my social media accounts? There is no perfect schedule, but creating an editorial calendar will help. Posting on a schedule will ensure you don’t forget to promote your new posts. Some experts recommend promoting the same blog post days, weeks or even months after its original post date to milk everything out of a single post.

Typing (photo courtesy of

Typing (photo courtesy of

4. What should I post on my social media accounts? In order to engage with your audience you should post more than self-promoting messages. Gurus recommend talking about the content of your blog on social media instead of telling people strictly to go read it. It’s also encouraged to share other peoples content  to gain a blogging network. In recent months, people have been raving about hashtags. Using appropriate hashtags on social media will broaden your reach by making your posts searchable.

5. Why isn’t my social media plan working? There are a lot of reasons your social media plan isn’t working. First, you need to evaluate whether it is your social media plan or your content. The perfect social media plan will never work on poor content. Second, you need a good balance between promotional posts and personal posts. Also, pictures will say more to your audience than your 140 characters on Twitter. Let your graphics do the talking. Most importantly, converse with your audience and other bloggers on social media. The point of social media is to socialize in the online world. You didn’t make friends on the playground by pitching your product, you talked about what you liked and shared your toys. Share and be yourself!

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